Welcome to the Lowell Canalwaters Cleaners site!

Hello Volunteers and Stewards!

Free Lowell Canalawaters Aluminum Water Bottle! That's right.

We're giving away an aluminum water bottle to all who show up at the cleanups on Earth Week (4/22 and 4/26). Be sure to come and get yours!

We've posted this year's Cleanup schedule here. Please be aware of changes in the schedule by checking it before the scheduled clean ups.

The Lowell Canalwaters Cleaners exists to aid in the protection, preservation, and restoration of our regions' natural and historic waterways - especially the Lowell Canals, to expand awareness of environmental issues and civic responsibility encompassing our waterways, and to create a desire and opportunity for citizens to take an active role in helping to make a cleaner environment for us all.

For over 200 years. the Lowell Canals have had various caretakers: Our Volunteers are the latest.

For over 200 years, Lowell’s Canals have had one owner: The Proprietors of Locks and Canals. At the moment an Italian utility, Enel, is the owner thru their corporate purchase of Boott Power/Proprietors of Locks and Canals.

Look at 200 years of history, and you will find endless changes. But the Power Canals are still churning thru Lowell, still generating power. Think of that: 150 - 200 years old and still doing the same job they were designed to do: Generate power. (Hydroelectric power now, mill power then.) They are a fine testament to the Irish workmen who built them without dynamite or mechanized machines; they did it all with only with the sweat off their aching backs.

Some of our achievements:

• In our first full year, won the National Volunteer Award, as well as the Northeast Regional Award for Volunteers given by the Interior Department in Washington DC.

• Set up 3 Stewardship groups (and counting) with tools, supplies, and training so they could clean the waters and banks on their property.

* Publicized the true owner of the Canals.

• Equipped and trained the River Ambassadors Program (RAP) and the Southeastern Asian Water Festival with our tools.

• Fabricated our own equipment since there was nothing available commercially.

• Picked up two strong Partners: The City of Lowell and the Lowell National Historical Park.

• Education Initiative in Lowell High School which includes 2-3 minute ‘green’ messages about the earth that all students will see in their homeroom; equipment and supplies to let the students clean the park around the school; and a field testing setup to test the waters of the canals.

• Picked up over 8 TONS of trash from our waterways, along with mountains of recyclables, cords of wood, and enough tires to build a reef, among other things.

• Worked with our Partners to:
a. Bring Recycling to the Freshman Academy.
b. Turn an empty lot into a Park with the Revolving Museum.
c. Put additional garbage cans on the streets with Keep Lowell Beautiful.
d. Worked with a lot of companies and their emplyees on Corporate Service Days.
e. Helped bring Riverfest into Lowell.

We've done so much in such a short time, and yet we still aren’t done. But rest assured that the Volunteers of the Lowell Canalwaters Cleaners will keep on pulling things out of the water and taking a stand on other ‘green’ actions and activities until satisfactory solutions are found.
Let’s hear it for the Volunteers!